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We are former operators, startup founders, and business executives. You won’t find career consultants at Crain. We know how to come alongside you because we’ve actually been in your shoes. This isn’t an idea factory (although we have a few). Our team understands the stress of that first round of financing, the risk involved with every decision, the burden of delivering rapid growth... We’ve been there ourselves.

Engagements and Experience

Delivering results for leading brands

Leadership team

We are former operators, startup founders, and business executives.

Matthew Erley

Partner, Growth Practice Lead

Matthew Erley is a Partner at Crain and leads the Growth practice. He brings years of experience leading growth/marketing at high velocity startups across marketplace, ecommerce, and D2C businesses. He has been a part of driving hundreds of millions in revenue and billion dollar plus exits. Matthew is an expert in scaling early stage businesses, growth and acquisition, and bringing products/services to market.

Scott Maloney

Managing Partner, Corporate Development and Commercialization Practices Lead

Scott Maloney is the Managing and Senior Partner for Crain, bringing more than 15 years of unparalleled experience in fast-growing unicorn ($1B+) startups, exited life science and tech companies, and Fortune 500 leadership positions.  Building the strategies for $100M+ initiatives and market expansions, securing investment capital, and forging global partnerships are just some of the things for which Crain clients seek out Scott’s help.


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