Growth Strategy

Whether you’re a pre launch startup, $100M+ business, or Fortune 500 company, the most important direction for any business is up and to the right. “Growth” may be the new marketing buzzword of the last few years, but Crain knows what’s necessary to build a modern day growth engine for any business. If the question is how to accelerate the business, find more customers, and drive higher revenue, the answer is a high functioning growth program. Crain consultants have been in the trenches at countless startups and multi-billion dollar exited businesses (B2C and B2B). We know growth. A typical growth engagement typically covers some or all of the following: Growth team development and org structure Paid and organic traffic program audit and recommendations Growth “stack” strategy across tools and technologies (CRM, data warehouse, CRO, channel tracking/attribution, etc.) Go-to-market strategy and playbook development Market expansion development and implementation Data science, customer segmentation, and data analysis support Product strategy, experimentation, and testing audit and framework creation Identification of viratity opportunities (referral, word of mouth, network effects, social sharing, etc.) Messaging and branding development Sales channel analysis whether direct-to-consumer or sales

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