Corporate Development

We flex our corporate development muscles from pre-seed fundraising all the way through multi-billion dollar sales. Crain leadership has personally raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital and sold unicorn companies to strategic buyers. Your company’s corporate development strategy is critical to success in early partnerships, sophisticated joint ventures, and future acquisitions. We’ve lived and breadth this pathway across industries for over 20 years. Crain is here to help you navigate the complexities of corporate development and meet even the most optimistic goals. We get into the trenches with you and execute. On the investment side, meaningful pre and post-raise activities make the difference when companies seek to grow into true acquisition targets and late-stage fundable organizations. As it relates to business partnerships (inclusive of acquisitions), refining a sophisticated corporate development function and implementing the strategy for how your company connects to another, is critical for success. The cultivation of the right strategy and relationships for corporate development is what separates everyday companies from those that define their industry and those around them. A corporate development engagement typically covers some or all of the following: Creation of critical corporate development strategies that build up your company for perfect alignment to partners from simple product relationships, to joint ventures, and all the way to acquisitive interactions Articulate multiplier-drivers both on the internal side (operational steps to drive value) and external side (key “adds” for specific M&A partners). Included here are strategic moves that align to acquirer M&A roadmaps Landscaping for appropriate targets complete with valuation, strategic acquisition plan, operational/post-acquisition integration, and external messaging Connections to and leading of discussions with potential partners Fundraising support (deck/pitch development, positioning, target list, data room creation and maintenance, and more)

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