Concept to Commercialization

Going from 0 to 1 may be the most difficult part of the startup journey. Nailing the product or service, positioning correctly, wrapping it in the business functions necessary to make future partnerships easy, finding those first initial customers, and just generally surviving isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re not alone. Crain consultants have been in your shoes and we can help you skip all of the mistakes (at least most of them). With a concept to commercialization project, Crain will come alongside you and your team, get into the fox hole, and help you accelerate your business. We don’t just present you with a 100 page document or slide deck and wave goodbye, like most of the “other” consultancies--we provide both strategy and execution to hit your goals. A typical concept to commercialization engagement typically covers some or all of the following: Product development and positioning (whether physical or digital goods and services) Business design and operations Market launch strategy Customer persona development Digital property creation and development (web, brand, social, etc.) Overall org and team creation Initial customer data analysis and recommendations

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